Laser Dentistry in the West Village

Dental laser

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One of the most exciting advances in dentistry is the use of lasers. Dental lasers, like medical lasers, emit a beam of concentrated light that can cut through tissue with a high degree of accuracy. We primarily use dental lasers for surgical and periodontal procedures, although dental lasers can also be used in restorative procedures as well. Laser dentistry is preferable to traditional options because it is minimally invasive and may even require no anesthesia, depending on the procedure being performed.

Laser dentistry allows us to perform procedures with no noise, minimal pain, less bleeding, faster recovery, and fewer appointments. Laser dentistry is an FDA-approved treatment option and it is safe and effective for the following types of procedures:

    Laser dentistry is an FDA-approved treatment option and it is safe and effective for the following types of procedures:

    • Dental implant placement
    • Reshaping gum tissue
    • Biopsies 
    • Removing soft tissue lesions and ulcers
    • Preparing the tooth prior to a filling or crown by removing decay and killing bacteria
    • Treating gum disease
    • Fusing tissues
    • Frenectomies
    • Oral surgeries, including tooth extractions
    • Teeth whitening
    • Treating hypersensitivity 
    • Cavity detection
    • Shaping teeth prior to bonding or veneers

    Laser dentistry involves two types of lasers: hard tissue and soft tissue. Hard tissue lasers are used on the teeth themselves, while soft tissue lasers are used on the gums, cheeks, and other soft tissues in the mouth.

    Many of our patients seek out laser dentistry in New York City because they have dental anxiety surrounding traditional dental tools, techniques, and local anesthesia injections. For these patients, dental lasers can allow them to feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair again, helping them restore their oral health. 

      Benefits of laser dentistry over traditional methods include:

      • Reduced heat and vibration
      • Many procedures require no anesthetic; others require less
      • Less bleeding after surgery
      • Decreased need for sutures
      • Faster surgery
      • For dental implants, an increased retention rate
      • Reduced damage to healthy tissues surrounding surgical site
      • Minimal postoperative swelling and pain
      • Lower infection and complication risk

      Because laser dentistry is on the cutting-edge of dental treatment, many patients assume it is more expensive than traditional techniques. Most dental insurance plans determine reimbursement by looking at the treatment needed, not the method used to complete it; this means that laser dentistry often costs the same as traditional dentistry. Because fewer treatments may be needed with a laser, sometimes the cost even works out to be less.

      Lasers have been used in dentistry for the past three decades with much success. The risks of laser dentistry are very small when performed by a qualified provider like those at West 10th Dental. Most risks are the same as those for traditional surgical methods, including injury to the gums and surrounding tissue and infection. These risks are significantly lower in laser treatment than with traditional dentistry methods.

      Recovery from laser dentistry depends on the procedure being performed, but it is typically easier, with very little bleeding, pain, and swelling after the surgery. Patients are usually able to return to their normal routine earlier, with less discomfort.

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